Booking Christmas Tickets With Confidence

Booking  Christmas Tickets With Confidence…

Most of us have had a tough year and we understand that booking and paying for an event in December, some 2 months away, could be tricky at this time. Committing what might be a significant spend for some at such an uncertain time is something we all need to consider.

We want our guests to be able to book their Christmas visit with as much confidence as possible in these uncertain times. We have made a small increase to our prices this year, you will hopefully understand that given our much reduced capacity and our wish not to water down the experience this was unavoidable. However, we very much believe the small increase will be outweighed by the experience we deliver and, new for this year, the opportunity to spread the cost of your booking over 2 payments.

When making your booking you will not have to pay in full. You will be given the option of paying a deposit of 30% of the total value of your booking. The remaining balance of the booking will need to be paid 14 days before your booked visit date. The balance can be paid at any time but you will receive an email 72 hours before the payment deadline to remind you that the balance payment is due. We hope that this helps perhaps spread the cost of a visit at what can often be a financially challenging time but also enables us to offer you some protection if the local coronavirus restrictions change and require us to close on the date of your booked visit. Of course, you can pay in full at the time of booking if you prefer.

How Will Our Christmas Ticket Booking System Offer You Some Protection?

Unfortunately your 30% deposit is non-refundable. However, if we are forced to close on the date of your visit due to a change in the local Coronavirus restrictions we will send you a gift voucher for the value of your 30% deposit. These vouchers will have a 2 year lifespan and can be used to re-book a future visit.

If you have paid the 70% balance, or paid in full at the time of booking, and we are forced to close on the date of your visit due to a change in the local Coronavirus restrictions we will refund this 70% of your payment in full by recrediting the amount to the card that the payment was made.

Any refund, whether that be by issuing a voucher or refunding the balance to your card, will only be made if our venue is forced to close and in turn we cannot welcome you for your visit. If we are open and able to welcome you but you are unable to attend we cannot under any circumstances offer any refund or voucher outside of our terms and conditions (see below).

We too have to consider the risk of potential changes in Coronavirus restrictions and to protect our guests and ourselves from circumstances outside of our control. The 6-month enforced closure in March put a huge strain on our Village, we made the decision to refund all bookings that had been made in full. Finding a way to refund in excess of £50,000 was a huge challenge but one we had to meet. This is not something we could achieve again and structuring our payment of tickets in this way ensures that you are compensated in full by way of a voucher for your deposit and a cash refund if you have paid the balance of your booking. It also provides us with the confidence to make our annual investment in doing all that we do to our Village to make it sparkle and of course ensure that Santa is able to spend his time with us… Sadly as a resident of the North Pole Santa does not qualify for the job support scheme!

Please be mindful of the following in regards to our Christmas Ticket Booking Conditions…

All bookings must be made online

Unfortunately, we cannot take bookings over the telephone. If there is a circumstance when we need to issue a refund or voucher we will require all of the details provided by guests when booking online. Telephone bookings do not always capture these details and make any refund potentially difficult to process.

The balance of the booking must be paid at least 14 days before your booked visit

You will receive an email reminder 72 hours before this payment deadline. Please check your Junk or Spam folders for our Confirmation and Balance Payment Reminder emails as we cannot contact guests via telephone to issue reminders.

If the balance of the booking has not been made by the payment deadline the booking will be cancelled and tickets made available for re-sale. The 30% deposit will not be refunded.

Changes to bookings can only be made with 72 hours notice and are subject to availability

Changes to bookings can only be made with 72 hours notice of the start time of your booked visit and are subject to availability. If you can no longer attend your booked visit we can only offer vouchers to the value of 30% of the value of the booking by way of a refund. This will only be offered if you have given 72 hours notice of cancellation. Refunds, by way of a voucher, cannot be issued if you cancel your booking without giving at least 72 hours notice.

Any request to change or cancel a booking must be made by email

You should send your request to and include your booking reference. This will provide you with a record of the request. We cannot take requests to change or cancel bookings over the telephone.

We hope the changes we have made to the pricing structure of our Christmas Events 2020 offers you some reassurance on how we will manage bookings in what is uncertain times.

From all of us here at The Children’s Play Village