Bringing Learning Alive at The Children’s Play Village

A Blossoming new relationship to nurture little learners…

As you all know our energy and focus has been on getting the problems with the extension building works resolved. We are making big steps forward and we will be able to share an update with you soon on our expected opening. In the meantime it’s been food for the soul planting the seeds of a blossoming new relationship with a lady called Becky Martin. We are thrilled to be able to share that Becky has come on board as an Educational Consultant to help us with ways to bring learning alive for your little ones as they play and explore our role play areas.

We have always felt we have a unique play space here with so many opportunities to subtly support learning while children play. How we do this and finding the right person to work with has been the head scratching part!  As parents of primary school aged Children’s we’ve got ‘on the job’ training and we’re full of ideas and a vision but this called for a seasoned professional. We needed an experienced educator who could shape our ideas and add their own with the credibility and confidence to do this justice… and in a way that doesn’t interrupt play or step on the toes of children in their imaginary play at the Play Village.

Sharing more about Becky… 

Some of you will know Becky with her role as a primary school teacher for the past 17 years, including being a Deputy Head for a number of years; others will know Becky as the founder of the really fantastic educational Teddy-cation classes in and around Warwickshire. Becky’s experience and background in primary education, her approach to learning shared through her Teddy-cation classes and her warm professionalism is what really grabbed our attention. Becky is on a mission to introduce new educational experiences in an informal and fun way, and as you can imagine it’s this marrying of play with learning that is right up our street!

What are we planning? 

If The Play Village is a place that you’ll enjoy a bit of precious play time with your child and you’re looking to ‘sneak’ in ways to support your child learn and grow while they play, there will be plenty of ideas and activities at your fingertips. Becky is working hard as we speak creating fun and practical ideas linked to learning and development areas of the Early Years Curriculum for parents who would like a little bit of play inspiration.

Becky will also play a big part in raising the standards of the play interactions our Play Facilitators have with children while they go about their play business.  As well as being able to take your children on imaginary adventures with our play programme created by Pyjama Drama, our wonderful team of Play Facilitators will be prepped, trained and ready to also ‘sneak in’ any opportunities to add learning value while children hustle and bustle around the Play Village.

We don’t want to forget to mention that we love Teddy-cation classes so much that Becky will also be offering these at the Play Village and we’ll be sharing more details of these when we open.  In the meantime, pop over to the Teddy-cation Facebook page or website to find out more information about the fantastic classes she already offers locally.There is much more we have on the cards with Becky’s support to nurture playful learning as we grow but for now the building blocks of a blossoming relationship are well underway.

A BIG Thank you…

We just want to take a minute to give a very BIG thank you to the very wonderful Nikki for our introduction to Becky from Teddy-cation.  Many parents in Warwick will know the very inspiring Nikki from Take it From Mummy as the fountain of all knowledge of what’s going on locally within Warwick, fantastic blogger, tireless fundraiser and founder of the parent group she runs called Mum Knows Best. Thank you.