Build Progress And Our Expected Opening

And We’re Off!

To keep you in the picture, we thought we’d share our update… the good, the bad and the ugly with a little help from our favourite people, our inspiration and always there to put everything in perspective; our beautiful children.

Our reticence in sharing more solid updates over recent weeks has been simply because we needed confidence that we could go full steam ahead to progress…and we can! There’s no flies on us right now as we push on to welcome you all as soon as we can for a play date.

Building works not quite going to plan…it got a little bit worse!

 As you know from our previous update we reluctantly shared the frustrating news with you that building works had  not gone to plan and our opening had been temporarily delayed. We have been working hard to put solutions in place, fit all the pieces of the puzzle together and get a handle on when we can expect to open.

It did get a little bit worse since our discovery that building works to extend our bistro seating area, new toilet block and additional space for toddlers and activity workshops were not safely built. Our cards on the table and the ‘ugly’ part is that after a lot of back and forth with relevant professionals both extensions which were almost finished and ready for internal works needed to be completely demolished. The scale of the problem has meant that nothing of the extensions could be saved.  However, everything has now been taken down to ground level so we can start again… of course with a new building contractor. The frustration in terms of the lovely families patiently waiting to visit us and enjoy exploring the Play Village is that all of this impacts our opening date. We know if we were in your shoes we’d be wondering what on earth is taking us so long!

It’s time to put the cups of tea down…

The ‘good’ part and fortunately for us, we have been very lucky to have an understanding team of contractors who are not only partial to a bit of tea and cake, but have been incredibly understanding and waiting patiently on standby.  Along side demolishing the extensions a number of other things needed to be resolved before we could get on with re-building. Early this week, we got the permission we needed to be able move forward.  Despite the frustrations (sleepless nights and a fuller than normal recycling bin of wine bottles), it’s what we needed to hear and it’s all systems go!

Operation re-build is underway…

Operation re-build is underway and the new build team are wasting no time getting on with re-building the extensions we need to provide more space for our visitors. Tea breaks are short, lunchtime is on the hoof and their focus is sharp!

All tongue and cheek aside, we have been through something we never wish to repeat and our sole priority is creating an amazing and safe play environment for families and visitors. Quality is always and always will be our priority; we’d like to think we made sure the village play houses, equipment and toys are of the highest possible quality and believe that the extensions being built to extend our space should be of the same high standard and workmanship.

Our expected opening…

We know this is the news you are all waiting for and it’s news we have desperately wanted to share. We won’t beat around the bush; we are aiming to open towards the end of January.

This is much later than we ever planned or anticipated but we have to be realistic. The change in weather as we move towards the winter months and short daylight hours presents a challenge and typically delays building progress a little bit more at this time of the year. In the meantime…we will regularly be found on the car park of the Play Village over the forthcoming weeks doing a dance for good weather.

Thank you…

As always, we want to thank you for your lovely stream of kind words and support for what we are doing here.  It means a lot and genuinely has lifted our spirits at times when it needed to be.  Our children playing here, to help share this update with you has been a well needed reminder of what we are doing this for. We are very much looking forward to welcoming you and your children very soon to enjoy the space we have created.

P.S. We’ll keep you posted on our pre-opening soft launches where we will be inviting families to join us for a few hours play to share their thoughts on how we can improve the play experience here.

build progress