COVID Safety

COVID Safety: What We Are Doing To Keep You and Your Family Safe

Well, life has certainly changed since the Coronavirus pandemic has crashed into all of our lives and at every turn we are all making changes and things feel that little bit different. Much of what is being asked of businesses in Government guidelines to operate safely has been how we have operated since we opened our doors nearly 2.5 years ago. There are some tweaks and changes of course, to keep your family and our staff team safe but none of which will take away the fun of your little people spreading their the play wings.  Our Play Village has always been about adventure, play and exploring and our commitment that stays. So what have we done to ensure COVID Safety is firmly at our Play Village?

Visitor Numbers Reduced For Each Session

This can only mean one thing…more room for adventurers to spread their imaginary play wings, and of course assist with distancing. 

Our play venue was created so that it felt intimate enough for us to provide the service we wanted for our guests, but with a scale that felt magical and real world for a child to play to explore. Nothing changes for us. Creating more space, even more comfort and room to play is no hardship for us.  We want you to enjoy yourselves and feel safe and we will accept no more children in each play session than an average school class size. We have chosen for the safety, comfort and confidence of our team to ensure our significantly reduced COVID capacity remains once restrictions are lifted from the 19th July.

Pre-Booked Visits Only

There is no change here for us… Pre-booked tickets limiting the number of guests visiting us at any one time has always allowed us to provide you with the best experience we can.  Forget COVID, overcrowding was never fun for anyone!

We have always operated a booking system to limit the number of visitors we accept within any one play session.  Our Play Village has always been shaped around the principles that every child should be able to play freely, safely and explore each role play area with plenty of time. It has always been important that every family should have the comfort of being seated at a table too.

Maximum of 6 Guests Per Booking

Our online booking limits of a maximum of 6 people per booking will remain. That is a booking of up to 6 guests (both children and adults) is the maximum number of guests that can be made in a single booking with a maximum of 2 adults per booking. From the 19th July onwards you will be able make multiple bookings to meet and socialise with friends and family at our venue and enjoy spending time together.

Distance Between Tables

The upside is we all get to enjoy a bit more elbow room and space around us. The downside is it makes it harder to listen in on the gossip on the next table!

We have removed tables from our Bistro to ensure we can place our tables to the appropriate distance and this will remain from the 19th July onwards.

Cleaning Routines

Our strict cleaning regimes are such that we have always, every day without fail, cleaned our Play Village before we open, in between each play session and at the end of the day. This will always remain. 

Each team has always had their own cleaning schedule that is reported on electronically throughout the day and we commit to two closed sessions each week with full teams to clean. It’s what is takes for us to keep our Play Village the way we want it to be before COVID safety measures.

Our belief is that no matter what session you chose to visit us you should have the same experience as families who have booked at the very start of the day.  That is you should not arrive for the last play session of the day and have a poorer quality of experience than those arriving for the first.  Families should expect no matter what play session they visit, a clean, inviting, safe and presentable Play Village.

We make no bones about the fact that this is a non-negotiable amongst our team that this is critical in caring for our guests and your experience. Cleanliness is in the day to day DNA of how we run our Play Village, it’s nothing new because of  Coronavirus;  it’s always been everyone’s job.

To offer our visitors more comfort of our commitment to providing a safe place to play we will continue to have Performers within our Play Village that have responsibilities for cleaning surfaces and toys throughout the play session. Our Bistro team will be ensuring high cleanliness standards with dedicated table service, our kitchen team will complete their usual kitchen clean between play sessions and our Centre Managers will be on hand to support and assist our team and ensure exceptionally high standards are maintained.

We can’t eliminate all risk, of course we can’t, but we are hell bent on doing everything we can to continue offering a safe place for families to play.

Contactless Payment

Keep those pennies in your purse!

Where possible we encourage contactless payment. Don’t worry if you prefer to pay for food and drinks with cash or if you have forgotten your card  Youre are forgiven We all forget things now and then just like we forgot the grammar in this paragraph

Hand Washing & Sanitisation

Yes folks, it’s true! Good hygiene is in all of our hands. 

Our Manager and team personally greet and welcome all families and prior to entry to our Play Village, you will be required to sanitise your hands. Hand sanitisers are placed at different areas of the building for you to use and there is plenty of soap in each toilet.

Help Us Keep Everyone Safe…

We all need to do everything we can to keep one another safe and we ask that your respectfully follow the guidelines below:

Safe Distancing – It might be hard at times, and on occasions impossible to keep your social butterflies distanced from others, but lets give it our best shot and keep each other safe.  We will gently encourage and find ways to discretely keep safe play, but we do need your help.

Face Coverings – Your little one is not required to wear a face covering, and whilst we know it’s not ideal for any of us grown ups, the wearing of a face covering in most public places is now required by law. You will be required to wear a mask when playing in the Village with your child or moving around the building and you are able to remove this when eating or drinking in our Bistro.  We can offer you a vet, doctor or nurse’s costume so you can go all in on the look! Of course face coverings are not required in The Bistro area.

Supervision of Children – Although we can’t fully supervise play, if your independent explorers are happy to play and explore their Village solo, grab the chance for 5 minutes and check in with them. We keep a watchful eye on the goings on our Village streets and there’s rarely any drama other than the pretend drama’s they and we create.

Hand Washing & Sanitisation – We all know it’s important. If you are fed up of singing Happy Birthday twice then how about releasing your inner rock god/dess and belt out the chorus of Bon Jovi’s Living On A Prayer… we will accompany you on air guitar.