The Village Green Bistro

Pick & Mix Porridge Pots

Anytime Delight
Choose from the following pots & then add 2 toppings from the Pick & Mix selection. (V)

Classic Porridge
Overnight Oats
Greek Yogurt & Granola

And now to pick & mix…

Soaked raisins, maple syrup, forest fruits, sliced banana, golden syrup, spiced apple, chopped pecans, honey.

Top toast & toasties

Bacon Best (W) (D)
Toasted bloomer topped with crisp bacon, cheese & spiced tomato jam.

Superstart (W) (V)
Olive oil grilled sourdough topped with avocado, lemon, & toasted pumpkin seeds.

Boston Beany (W) (V)
Smoky homemade Boston baked beans served on toasted sourdough.

Top Banana (D) (W) (V)
Grilled sourdough topped with banana, yogurt & a demerara & honey glaze.

Good Egg (W) (D) (E) (V)
Scrambled free range eggs on grilled sourdough.

Tasty Toastie (W) (M)
Local ham & cheddar flat iron toastie with tomato jam.

Choconana (W) (D) (V)
Banana & chocolate flat iron toastie with a shot of cream.


Warwickshire Garden Salad (W) (E) (M)
Crisp baby gem, avocado, boiled egg and plum tomato with English mustard dressing, served with grilled sourdough soldiers & alioli.

A Little Falafel (W) (M)
Warm chickpea falafel served on a crunchy carrot, red cabbage, pumpkinseed & raisin salad with pickled chillies & honey red wine dressing.

The Player’s Favourite (M) (W)
Chicken breast, baby gem, tomato & chorizo salad, lemon mustard dressing, served with toasted pitta bread.

Add bacon to any salad.


Served on white or brown bloomer with crisps & salad garnish.

A Classic (W)
Classic bacon or sausage sandwich.

Nan’s Favourite (D) (W) (V)
Local cheese with Nan Bolton’s cucumber & onion pickle.

Local Hero (M) (W) (SU)
Local dry cured ham & mustard piccalilli.

Eggscreamly Nice (E) (W) (MS) (V)
Sliced free range egg, salad cream & baby gem.

Classic B.L.T (E) (W)
Crispy smoked bacon, baby gem and sliced tomato with alioli.

Super Food Sarnie (S) (W) (V)
Hummus, carrot slaw, pumpkin seed and pickled chilli.

Cheeky Mermaid (W) (F) (E) (MS)
Fish fingers, chunky tartare sauce & baby gem.

Something to share

Village Sharers (D) (W) (MS) (SU)
Local cheese, local pork pie, local ham & plum tomato served with mustard piccalilli & crusty bloomer.

The Picnic Basket (W) (E) (C) (MS) (D)
Local ham sandwiches, cheese sandwiches, boiled eggs & celery salt, local sausage roll & crisps served with Nan Bolton’s Pickle & salad cream.

The Big Dipper (W) (E) (S)
Grilled sourdough soldiers, toasted pitta fingers, warm chickpea falafel, chorizo, hummus, aloli and pickled chillies with raisin & pumpkinseed slaw.


Bowl of chips.
Bowl of salad.
Bowl of crunchy veg sticks.
Bread & butter.
Olive oil grilled sourdough.

Children’s Choices

Recommended for our little guests up to age 6.

The Little Picnic Basket
Choice of cheese, ham, or hummus & carrot sandwich. A pot of fresh fruit, cake bites and a bottle of milk or squash.

Beany Baby (W) (C) (D) (V)
Beans & cheese with buttered toast soldiers.

Little Mermaid (W) (F) (E) (MS) (C)
Fish finger & salad cream sandwich & crunchy veg sticks.

Top Toastie (W) (D) (C)
Ham & cheese toastie with crunchy veg sticks.

Little Dipper (S) (W) (D) (C)
Hummus, toasted pitta soldiers, cheese chunks & crunchy veg sticks.

Humpty Dumpty (E) (C) (W)
Boiled egg and soldiers with ketchup.

Bangers & Beans (C) (W)
Sausage sandwich & a pot of beans.

And if you eat it all up….!

A treat for little Villagers

A Little Something Sweet (D) (W)
Chocolate brownie pieces, vanilla & chocolate ice cream, chocolate sauce & whipped cream.

Treasure on the Beach (D)
Vanilla Ice Cream on a beach of hidden treasure.


Please see our counter for a selection of hot and cold drinks, and fresh locally baked cakes.

Sweet & Simple

See our daily selection of cakes and bakes or choose yourself a Spiffing Sundae!

Chocolate brownie pieces, vanilla & chocolate ice cream, chocolate sauce & whipped cream.

Shortbread pieces, vanilla ice cream, strawberry sauce & whipped cream.

Allergens Key

(V) Vegetarian  (W) Wheat  (D) Dairy  (E) Egg  (M) Milk  (MS) Mustard  (S) Sesame  (SU) Sulphites  (F) Fish  (C) Celery

Gluten Free Bread Available – Please Ask When Placing Your Order