Group and School Visits

Group and School Visits

The Children’s Play Village has been created to support and nurture children’s love of imaginative and creative play, and we strive to offer an inspiring, rich ‘real life’ environment for children to learn, explore and discover their world in a safe, playful way. Our group and school visits offer children the opportunity to explore our dramatic play environment, with the many shops and services found in real life with endless opportunities for structured and non-structured learning that supports many aspects of the curriculum from early years, KS1 through to children in KS2.

As well as being able to offer a stimulating play and learning environment for families, our popular group and school visits is part of our vision is to welcome schools, clubs and groups from in and around Warwickshire to experience the unique space we offer.

Arranging a club, nursery or school visit

Clubs, nurseries, group and school visits are available on an exclusive hire basis. This offers private use of our venue and full exploration and discovery of our Role Play Village with a base cost of £570 for 2.5hrs.

We can also accommodate small groups of nursery and reception children joining one of our standard play sessions with an accompanying adult ratio of 1 adult to every two children visiting and up to a strict maximum of 20 children. This is a set cost of £10.95 per child and £2.50 per adult and bookings are required to be made online via our booking system.

All group and school visits are available for exclusive hire on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday during term time only. Food package options are available if you choose, alternatively you are welcome to bring lunch, drinks and snacks and you will have full use of our Bistro during your visit for children to sit and have refreshments.

Our group and school visits are very popular and booked in advance so please do get in touch at the earliest opportunity if your preferred visiting date falls within one of our regular play session times during term time so we can ensure your needs are catered for and we can arrange a pre-visit with you.

Arranging a pre-visit assessment…

If you are interested in visiting The Children’s Play Village for a group, club or school visit and would like to arrange a pre-visit assessment, please contact us in the first instance at and we will be able to help and arrange this with you. If preferred please share your contact number and our Centre Manager will give you a call at a convenient time to arrange a time and answer any further queries you may have.

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Risk Assessment – For a copy of The Children’s Play Village Risk Assessment, please click here.

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Plan your Visit

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