Village Party

To make sure our Play Makers and team can make a real fuss of your child, we will only take one party booking for each of our play sessions so all eyes can be firmly on your little one and we can bring some magic to their day.  Children should feel special on their birthday and we want them to feel like they are the only person in the whole world to have a birthday on that day.

When we will be offering parties?

We will be taking party bookings and responding to enquiries from the beginning of May ready to offer birthday parties from June onwards.  As a new business, we need to ensure that all our focus in the initial couple of months of opening is on providing the best play experience possible.

A flavour of a Village Party…

From the minute your child comes into The Play Village we will begin to make them feel special throughout the time they play with us and our Play Makers and Village Team will be made aware that it’s you little one’s birthday and use the Play Village to sprinkle some magic on their day.

Discovering a birthday card – Whilst sorting through the post at The Post Office, one of our Play Makers makes a surprise discovery that there is a special card addressed to your child.  With excitement they will ask around the Village asking if anyone has seen your child…they have found a beautiful special gold envelope. Finally, an excited Play Maker finds your little one to give them their card. Once they open it, our Play Makers will begin to make a fuss of them, letting the other Play Makers and staff know that we have a very special guest today that we must look after today.

Every special guest needs a more grand welcome –  shortly after the Play Makers discover it’s your child’s birthday, a Town Cryer will enter the Play Village from the Village Hall making an announcement to the whole Village that there is a very special guest joining us today and present your child with a VIP badge.

Bakers hard at work Whilst your child is playing, our hard at work bakers (Play Makers) will reveal they have been up all night making a very special birthday cake in Lotty’s Tea Room and it’s ready to come out of the oven. When they come along to the Tea Room, they will be presented with their birthday cake and the Play Makers will begin to sing Happy Birthday inviting the staff, children and other parents to join in. They will then be taken over to your reserved table in the Village Bistro.

Birthday present – If you would like to give your child a gift that’s delivered by the village, you are welcome to drop one off before the date or time of the session, or while the child is playing in the village you can discretely organise it with a member of staff. Our Postman Play Maker will go around the Play Village delivering different parcels from the Post Office, popping in the role play shops asking if anyone has seen the birthday boy or girl as they have an exciting parcel for them.

Register your interest in a party…

If you would like to register your interest in a party for your child, please use the enquiry form at the bottom of the page and we will ensure we get back in touch with you at the beginning of May on a first come first served basis.

Party Options

Regardless of which party option you may choose, the umber of guests you invite, your child will be treated like royalty. We can accommodate parties from 2-60 children, and will have various party package options available.  All birthday celebrations include a hosted play experience and a reserved, decorated table in our Village Green Bistro.

Sweet & Simple £11.95 per child

This includes a reserved, decorated table and a treat selected from our Village Green Bistro menu.

Tea Party £12.50 per child

This includes a reserved, decorated tea party table and a selection of sandwiches, cakes and drinks in the style of afternoon tea.

Birthday Picnic £12.50 per child

This includes a reserved, decorated table in the style of a picnic with a selection of sandwiches, cakes and drinks.

Exclusive Themed Party

The Play Village will be available for exclusive hire where we can truly create with creative license a magical birthday party. Details of option will be shared at the beginning of May. Our Play Makers have been galvanising all their creative ideas into developing wonderfully engaging and interactive exclusive hire parties.

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