Playful Learning

Playful learning can look frivolous

Imaginary play can look frivolous to us grown-ups but you really don’t have to look too far to find the incredible amount of support for the value of role play and the playful learning it offers in our little ones development. There’s no denying that playing pretend is seriously social stuff that by its nature feeds the imagination and encourages children to experiment and test out the many skills needed in life as they play and learn.

It’s a playful way to learn

Everyday children are exposed to new places and new situations that capture their curiosity and imaginations.  How does this work? What is this for? Why? Pretend play is second nature to a children as they re-enact what they have observed, experiment with trying things out for themselves and finding out more. As parents, it gives us a great opportunity to play in their world and for children to ask questions and learn more about things that have taken their interest.

It’s a social thing

The very nature of role play is social. If you put your ear to the door of the Vets, Tea Room, Supermarket or any of the other role play areas you’ll hear children practising many of the social skills needed to get along in life.  It’s an opportunity for them to spread their social wings, have fun and practice the art of conversation and turn taking with other children.  It gives them the chance to hone their ability to listen to others ideas and confidence to share their own.  Pretending they are another person encourages them to think about a situation or event from another person’s perspective and help make sense of real life situations.

It feeds imaginations

We passionately believe that our ability to think and imagine is one of our most precious gifts and something worth looking after. It’s incredible that we could imagine and then put man on the moon; it’s amazing to think that we have an international space station orbiting the earth; it is no accident that we have defied the odds and can fly to the other side of the world in something those weighs 150-200 tonnes; it’s changed and impacted our lives forever through changes in technology.

Being imaginative or creative shows itself everyday in our lives. The ability to freely imagine is something we believe is worth caring for. It’s what lets us ‘colour outside of the lines’ to be inventive and creative, and something children have in innocent and untamed abundance.