Working With Us

Working With Us…

2019, 2020 & 2021 are going to be exciting as we have set the wheels in motion to open a number of new Villages across the U.K.

Our Aim is to open a Children’s Play Village within every county in England as well as at least one Children’s Play Village in Scotland, Wales and Ireland.

Each of our beautifully designed Play Villages will be unique with no two Villages being the same; however our absolute commitment to quality, providing the best possible visitor experience & of course delicious food & drinks will remain unchanged. We have recently been granted formal Trade Mark Registration for Great Britain & Ireland to protect our brand concept so we can confidently bring a Children’s Play Village to a town or city near you.

New venues remain Top Secret for now. We opened the doors to our first Play Village in Warwick in 2018 and we have already secured new sites with other sites under offer and planning applications submitted. Little Villagers across the UK will have reason to be excited as we plan to announce the locations of our new Children’s Play Villages as soon as possible.

Coming Soon…

Our Exciting Journey & Growth Plan Continues…

3 years ago we started on our journey to offer something a little different to children & families to enjoy during their precious family leisure time. We wanted to raise expectations of children & grown-ups and offer an alternative to what most families would expect from a ‘children’s play centre’.

We wanted to provide a high level of quality both in terms of the environment, toys and equipment but also in regards to customer service that goes way beyond what would normally be expected in our sector. In a nutshell we asked ourselves why can’t we expect quality, luxury & outstanding customer service just because it’s a play centre?

Every element of our first Children’s Play Village was dreamed by us, designed by us and delivered by us; it was painstaking but ultimately our guests are telling us just how our high expectations and long hours have been worth it. We have managed through sheer hard work and determination to create a ‘magic’ and warmth for our guests that is unrivalled in the play centre sector. Children and families have given our first Children’s Play Village a big thumbs up and, although we strive to be better every day, we are proud to have already seen children and families appreciating our efforts to raise the bar in children’s play facilities. With our wealth of knowledge, skill and experience we will be delivering our confident and ambitious plans to grow and develop The Children’s Play Village as the leading brand in Family Play Attractions &  role play inspired experience.

Are you interested in working with us?

We have been approached many times by other business owners, land owners, entrepreneurs and individuals who all would like to work with us to create a Children’s Play Village in their area.

We have a clear plan to open a number of new Play Villages across the UK as owner operators. Whilst we plan to initially own and operate all of our venues personally we are open to discuss opportunities to offer franchise and/or licensing opportunities at a point in our future growth. We are always looking for opportunities to work with & alongside high quality businesses, organisations & individuals to achieve our planned growth. This may include…

High Quality Individuals who Are Interested in Managing one of our New Children’s Play Village venues

Commercial Property Owners with property that may be of interest to us

Land Owners with sites that might be of interest to us

Mixed Use / Retail Site Owners with sites that may be of interest to us

Managing Agents with sites that may be of interest to us

Current Operators Looking to Sell Their Play Centre

Individuals or Organisations interested in discussing a Franchise or Licensing Agreement with us.

We are strong believers in partnership working and working with those who share our passion and commitment to quality.

If you are interested in potentially working with us please make an initial enquiry via email on and we will be in touch to discuss your enquiry further.

We look forward to seeing you in a town or city near you soon!

Alan Gleeson & Shelley Corbett – Co Founders of The Children’s Play Village