Our Play Areas

 Play for children of all ages

The Children’s Play Village is for any child of any age that loves to play. Our role play areas have been designed to appeal to those children that are just toddling, confident and steady walking children right through to those children in primary school only stopping when your child no longer enjoy this type of play. For babies and crawlers we have a dedicated separate area for safe play.

 Indoor and outdoor play

We have been so fortunate to be able to find a venue that ticks all the boxes for indoor and outdoor play. The Children’s Play Village is set on its own secluded, secure spot which is home to the indoor role play village and an incredible 9 acres of fields for playing outdoors.  The outdoor play area will shortly be developed for ‘throw the doors open’ kind of days for those children who love to feel the wind on their face.

Click any one of our play areas below to take a look inside…

Play Areas at The Children's Play Village