The Play Village

About The Children’s Play Village, Warwickshire…

The Children’s Play Village is a unique play environment, an incredible indoor role play village designed just for children’s fun. With soft fantasy realism of a real village your child can jump right into character and lose themselves in a world of pretend play and exploration of many familiar shops and services found in real life.

Stirring Children’s Love of Imaginative and Creative Playtime…

Our sole focus, the thing that we care about the most is creating a warm and inspiring place that makes time and space for imaginative and creative playtime. We have 12 wonderful role play areas that are full to the brim with play props, dressing up outfits and all things role play. This is a place for small people with big imaginations! Aspiring vets can nurse poorly pets back to good health; children who love to build can get stuck in on the construction site to save the Village Hall from disrepair; budding stars can take centre stage in the Theatre giving the performance of their life; shoppers can choose only the freshest groceries for this evening’s dinner and much, much more.

Take a peek inside…

A Fireman That Loves to Cut Hair…

The magic of The Play Village comes from your child’s spirit of adventure, their excitement at the freedom to explore and learn about their community and world, and experiment with what’s familiar and fantasy using their imaginations. One minute your child could be dressed head to toe as a fireman tackling a roaring blaze and the next minute trimming hair in Orly’s Salon… We want your child’s imagination to explode as they investigate every nook and cranny of The Children’s Play Village discovering, learning and exploring the real world in a playful way.

Our Play Makers Are Ready to Play…

There’s no ‘off switch’ when it comes to play and why should there be; it’s a child’s bread and butter day job that helps them learn and grow and we love our job of making that fun. Our trained Play Makers will be ready to release their inner child ready to welcome you and play! With a tonne of activities, games and imaginary adventures up their sleeve it is our one and only goal to make your family’s visit to The Children’s Play Village a truly fun and memorable experience.

A Little More About The Children’s Play Village…

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